Historic Preservation

There's a lot of history in Downers Grove that can be told through architecture and the stories our founding fathers left behind. The Village encourages residents to find the history hidden in their property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contiguous historic district?

What is a thematic historic district?

Could my home be a historic landmark?

What is Historic Preservation?

What is a landmark and what are the benefits of landmark designation?

What is a historic district?

What benefit is there for a property to be in a historic district?

If my home is designated a landmark or is within a historic district, what additional regulations apply?

If I sell my landmarked home, can the next homeowner rescind the designation?

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Landmarked Properties

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What properties are landmarked in Downers Grove? See the list below.

Historic Preservation

Listen to these homeowners who have landmarked their property

Historic Sears Homes

Historical Resources

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These sites may be helpful in conducting research or just learning more about Downers Grove history.

Stamp of Historical Approval

Applications for Historic Districts and Historic Landmarks are reviewed through the Historic Preservation Design and Review Board.

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