Fire Department

The Fire Department provides 24-hour Fire Suppression; Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services; and overall Village Emergency Management Coordination to the community. The Fire Department also provides specialized services such as hazardous materials response which also includes domestic terrorism response capabilities. Specialized rescue capabilities such as high-angle rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse, and confined space rescue services are also provided by the Fire Department.

The Fire Department provides Fire Prevention, Fire Inspection and Fire/Arson Investigation services to the community.

The Fire Prevention Bureau performs regular inspections of commercial and institutional occupancies as well as the common areas of multi-family occupancies. The Fire Prevention Bureau works with the Community Development Department to complete fire plan reviews, occupancy approvals, fire pump and sprinkler system testing.

The Fire Department Public Education Division delivers award-winning and nationally recognized fire and life safety education to pre-school, grade school, and high school students. The Public Education Division also delivers Fire and Life Safety Education programs to businesses, civic groups and senior citizens. The Public Education Division also performs educational facility and high rise evacuation drills. Many of Downers Grove’s programs have received national awards or recognition and are often copied by Fire Departments across the country.

Staff liaisons work with the following Boards and Commissions to provide planning expertise and recommendations to the Village Council. 

Annual Report

This report summarizes the events and highlights of the previous year.

Fire Permits
Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Technical Submission | Click here to open

Fire Alarm Application | Click here to open

Fireworks Requirements Permit Application | Click here to open

LPG License Application | Click here to open

Open Burn Permit Application | Click here to open

Above/Underground Storage Tank | Click here to open

Scott Spinazola

Fire Chief


Thomas Frank

Deputy Chief, Operations


Rob Pekelder

Deputy Chief, Administration


Chris Hull

Fire Prevention Division Chief


Dale Smith

Public Information and Education



photo of front facade Station 2

Administrative Offices

5420 Main St.


Fire Prevention Division

5420 Main St.


Station 101 - 2560 Wisconsin Ave.

Station 102 - 5420 Main St.

Station 103 - 3900 Highland Ave.

Station 105 - 6701 Main St.

Public Safety and Education

photo of educators in classroom

Several safety programs are offered in our schools or can be presented to the public in group settings. Programs can be tailored for different age groups.

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