Community Development

The Community Development Department is comprised of the Building Division and the Planning Division.

Staff liaisons work with the following Boards and Commissions to provide information, planning expertise and recommendations for land development.


The Planning Division is responsible for providing land use assistance and guidance to Downers Grove businesses, developers and residents.

The Planning Division is charged with implementing the Village’s Comprehensive Plan through the administration and enforcement of the Village’s Zoning , Subdivision and Historic Preservation ordinances. The Division strives to ensure that development within the Village is efficient, aesthetic and in conformance with sound planning practices.

The Planning Division provides guidance and land use assistance to Downers Grove businesses, developers and residents.


The Building Division is responsible for coordinating most building plan review and development-related inspection services among several Departments. Services include code enforcement; plan review; and electrical, mechanical, plumbing and building inspections.

The Division conducts inspections of existing buildings and infrastructure to ensure the safety of building inhabitants and those dependent upon the infrastructure. The Division works closely with anyone who builds a new structure or structurally modifies an existing one.

The Department also contracts for elevator inspections and assistance with stormwater/wetland reviews. Two code enforcement officers in the Department work closely with both Divisions on matters of securing compliance with zoning, building, property maintenance and other codes.

Historic Preservation

Community Development staff can guide you in the process of designating your property as a historic landmark.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours when construction work can be done?

Can you tell me the zoning classification of a property?

How many pets am I allowed to have?

What are the regulations regarding Temporary Signs?


Stan Popovich, AICP

Community Development Director


Nora King, AIA, NCARB

Building Division Manager


Jason Zawila, AICP

Planning Manager


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Permits: 630.434.5515

Inspections: 630.434.5529

Please be ready with the permit number, type of inspection needed, and contact information.

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Comprehensive Plan

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This document is a resource when evaluating potential projects in the Village.

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