Stormwater Utility

Like all infrastructure systems, the stormwater system must be maintained to function at capacity and to minimize the total life cycle cost. Primary maintenance activities include ditch cleaning and restoration, catch basin cleaning and repair, streambank maintenance, and street sweeping.


During the 2012 Long Range Planning process, a maintenance gap was identified in the infrastructure. A recommendation to create revenue stream that would cover the maintenance and operating costs of the stormwater infrastructure was born, the stormwater utility.

All property owners within the Village, minus property tax exempt parcels, pay a monthly fee based on a property’s impervious area. Prior to this time, these monies came from property taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the stormwater utility fee calculated?

What is the stormwater utility fee?

What are the current stormwater fees?

What is considered an impervious surface?

Are there incentives to reduce my stormwater fee?

Are there credits to reduce my stormwater fee?

Can I appeal the stormwater utility fee?

How am I billed for the stormwater fee?

Applications for Stormwater Utility Credit
Incentive | pdf

Education | pdf

Stormwater Facility | pdf

Grant Program | pdf

Partnership | pdf


Stormwater Management

Julie Lomax

Stormwater Administrator


Email: Stormwater Maintenance

Email: Stormwater Utility

Stormwater Credit and Incentive Manual

This manual outlines the basis for determining the extent of a stormwater credit or incentive and the conditions required to remain eligible.

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